About Us

The story behind Dashboard Films and its name.

When I was but 15 years of age, I returned to my birth country of Japan.  My father, who had given me a Fuji 8mm camera, took us on a drive through the town of Kyoto, where I was born.

While we were driving, I filmed the streets of Japan out of the front window of the car.  I did not realize, though, that the lens of the camera was about two inches below where I was looking.  Not taking this into account, I realized later that I had actually filmed MOSTLY the dashboard of the car.

When I returned to the states my stepfather found this to be hilarious and, since he was a mail carrier, began having junk mail shipped to our address under the name:  Matt Terry, President of Dashboard Films, Inc.

The name struck and I’m happy to say my son is using the name today.